Developing Self Love During COVID with Nylon Dream Collection

With social media being the biggest driver of showcasing the best versions of oneself out to the world, capturing one happy moment from twenty hours of your life, it can be easy to assume that all is well. Social media images are built to project an image and an illusion of happiness, cultivating a desire to reach that facade of a ‘happy goal’. 

A stark difference to this concept is the one that advocates one’s need to establish a standard of self-love & self-care. So, instead of wasting your time scrolling through the gram, why not take this COVID period as a motivation to practice the act of self-love by aiming to wear & own nylon dreams hosiery collection

What is the Nylon Dreams Lingerie (or suspender belt) Collection?

The Nylon Dream Hosiery Collection is a plethora of exquisite lingerie wear that can be used for a wide variety of occasions. Some are very frilly and floral but some play with symmetry. Others are decorative with twirly lace material while some others attract with their sheer material. There’s lingerie for each one of your tastes and at least one or each one of you reading today. 

Here are some of the best ones to purchase today: 

  • Nylon Dreams 6 Strap Suspender Belt
6 strap suspender belt uk

The Nylon Dreams 6-Strap Suspender Belt comes in black, and red panels, as well as a pink suspender belt with lace, edged trim. The different coloured alternating panels create a symmetric look that makes one’s shape look leaner than they actually are. This illusion can boost one’s confidence and even make sure that one begins to love themselves for the person they are regardless of what they look like. The 6 Strap suspender belt comes with high-quality metal clips and adjusters that look not only sexy while wearing but also are durable for a long while. The fabric has a satin effect that gives a soft sheen that adds into the quality aspect of the product, making it alluring to those wearing it as well as the one’s seeing it. It looks luxurious. 

  • Nylon Dreams Pink Suspender Belt
Nylon Dreams Pink Suspender Belt

The other alternative to the red and black panelled suspender belt is the plain pink one. Although this one doesn’t have alternating panelling that makes it look thin, it comes with a lace trim below. It has six straps attached with either black or white lace, making them look especially feminine in its choice of colour and lace. They securely click into place on any high-quality stockings. The back has a good adjustment for easy comfort while walking and even sitting. 

  • Nylon Dreams 12 Strap Girdle Vintage

If you are in a vintage mood, hogging up your TV screen every night of the day watching all vintage movies, you might feel inclined to get yourself a pair of nylon dreams 12 strap girdle vintage. Definitely go for this one. 

This is ideal for customers that need more than 6, 8 or 10 straps for an added level of comfort. They are hand-finished to give a vintage look its original completion, and they make your look extremely comfortable yet very stylish, just like Audrey Hepburn. It is resonating to today’s youth and speaks volumes about the evergreen youth of the past. 

  • Nylon Dreams Vintage Style Corselette
Nylon Dreams Vintage Style Corselette

If you are looking for something more vintage in style than the suspender belt mentioned above, then this nylon dreams vintage style corselette will be the perfect kind of piece to own. It has comfortable stretching lycra and comes with 6 suspender straps and metal clips and adjusters. It also has intricate red lycra and black lacework for an overlay that looks extremely racy yet retro.

Nylon dreams six strap waist cincher

No matter how constrictive it looks, it is extremely comfortable to wear both during the night and day time. Pair them with a pair of nylon stockings for best-looking results. You can also opt for Nylon dreams six strap waist cincher. It will create a thinning illusion at the waist, making your silhouette look ravishing. The hourglass figure is something that you get without losing weight, instantaneously just by wearing a waist cincher. 

How Does the Nylon Dream Hosiery Collection Help with Self-Love? 

Men usually think that women dress up for men. However, the truth is far from it. Women dress up for themselves. Wearing a blood ensemble for an undergarment makes women feel good from the inside out. It showcases confidence, empowers women and makes them feel extremely good about themselves. All of this contributes to the factor of self-care and self-love, which should be one of the primary focuses of every girl, especially during these hard times. 

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