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Homemade Face Masks for COVID-19 Corona Safety and Precaution

With Corona virus progressing so aggressively across the world, affecting a majority of the people hailing from cooler climatic conditions, the World Health Organization and all country-specific centres for disease control and prevention have recommended that everyone should be wearing a mask to cover up their nose and mouths in public spaces. Everyone except babies was supposed to wear face coverings in public spaces, especially in those areas where it was hard to maintain considerable social distancing, such as supermarkets etc. This is purely taken as precaution and safety measure to ward off any spread. 

Apart from all this, the widespread of this pandemic has had lethal effects on adults, senior citizens and babies alike. But with this massive spread, there’s also been over exhaustive use of the supply of medical care products, but also mostly N95 masks, highly recommended by specialists, with this overburdening of the supply chain, and slow manufacturing of these specific masks. 

So, here’s how you can fashion a piece of make do face mask for immediate use. The official guidelines from The Centre for Disease Control, states that a mask has to be snug, have multiple layers, and even hold up to machine washing. The guidelines also suggest that 100 percent cotton, denim or percale should be used to make the masks.

Materials Required 

  1. Large handkerchief 
  2. Two plain black elastic thin scrunchies


  1. Fold the handkerchief into half
  2. Then open back the fold and bring together both ends to the middle crease formed. 
  3. Turn over the handkerchief 
  4. Fold both the sides again to the centre
  5. Take both the thin scrunchies and put it ¼ of the way over the hanky from both sides. 
  6. Fold over the access cloth materials inwards and over the rubber bands and secure it in place. 
  7. Now you may use the face mask that is made of 4 layers of clothing and still very breathable. 

With one handkerchief per person, you can now make these for everyone in the family, and it’s a quick but effective layer of protection. COVID – 19 corona safety and precautions is now easier than ever when it comes to handling yourself by making a quick DIY face mask that can save you from the foul effects of being amongst unavoidable crowds. 

How can you care for your homemade masks?

how to make homemade face mask

According to the CDC, all cloth masks should be able to be washed in the washing machine and dried without any damage or shape change to them. These handkerchiefs can be washed as per your wish, with maybe more anti-bacterial washing liquid detergents. They also suggest that they can be routinely washed depending on the frequency of their use. Even with the masks on, people are advised to refrain from touching their eyes, nose, or even mouth while placing the mask on or taking it off. They recommend that hands should be washed right before and after taking and placing back the masks.

Does using a facemask mean you can ease up social distancing?

No, not at all! The usage of facemask is encouraged while only heading to the supermarkets, hospitals or any public spaces of absolute need. Stay at home otherwise, and avoid being around other people. Having a mask is no excuse to mingle with people who are not a part of your home environment.

These few steps are essential to be taken, and you can even sew up a few face masks in order to donate it to many organizations that cater to the mask needs of the world, especially for those underprivileged living conditions or even those migrant labour workers dormitory, where maintaining an appropriate social distance is next to impossible. Here’s to hoping that these masks work for you and them equally and help you stay on track. 

COVID-19 Update! 

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