Yoga Is The New Black

There are many reasons why people choose to participate in yoga such as the amazing health benefits, not to mention the fact that it is super chilled and calming and an easy way to de-stress after a long day at work! The benefits work both physically and mentally.

Health benefits you say?! Let me just tell you… exercising never looked so easy!

Physical health benefits

  • Strengthens muscles

Participating in yoga helps strengthen you muscles. Having strong muscles is always a bonus right? they look good and also help protect you from things such as back pains, arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. It also helps tone your body and better your bone strength. This is through some of the yoga exercises that mean you have to lift your own weight.

  • Improves circulatory health

Yoga is perfect to get your blood flowing. Twisting exercises are thought to help remove the venomous blood from your internal organs to then allow the oxygenated blood to flow within them once the twisting pose is released, this is good to help them work better. It also helps supply your body tissue with the important nutrients. High blood pressure? Yoga can modestly help reduce that which can help lower the risk of heart problems and strokes in the long run.

  • Helps ease pain

Meditation can help reduce pain from conditions such as fibromyalgia. Once you are practising yoga, it helps loosen your joints and helps your body become stronger and less exposed to illnesses. This is good because once the pain is relieved, your mood is lifted and in the long run, you wont need as much medication and are inclined to be more active and healthy.

Mental health benefits

  • Helps you focus

Yoga is great way to get your brain working, it helps you relax and focus on your current situation. Studies show that doing yoga regularly helps to improve reaction time, memory and co-ordination. How you might ask, this is because the breathing exercises help to calm your mind down and prevent any distracting thoughts that you may have.

  • Helps to boost self-esteem and happiness

The breathing exercises practised within yoga are a big part in this aspect. Deep breathing helps bring more oxygen to your brain and improves your ability to stay calm. Being calm and content gives your brain time to think more positively without several thoughts going through your head. Eventually your brain becomes clear and helps you to become a more confident and happy individual. Another aspect of this is you can target the things you aren’t happy with and with great posture and blood flow, it will help you feel more energised and happy.

Who knew such a relaxed and calming exercise could have such an impact on your well-being eh? Now… One thing left to discuss. What do we wear? how about these comfortable, flattering Yoga sets! Easy to move around in and figure hugging for that perfect fit. Not want a set? check out our yoga leggings!

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