Anti Cellulite tights new from Charnos

Brand new line from Charnos

New to Charnos and new to us! These Charnos tights are great for everyday comfortable wear alongside the fact they benefit you as you’re wearing them. Anti Cellulite tights are a trend that has become more known over the past few years but Charnos have now decided to design their own version, and they did not disappoint.

The tights are called Charnos Anti Cellulite Tights, they have a variety benefits that everyone can enjoy. Men and women of all ages can wear these tights as they are clinically proven to provide health benefits. Firstly, they have a no dig waistband, perfect for giving maximum comfort at all time! No one wants tights that dig into their sides, do they? They also flatten your tummy and smooth your thighs and legs and lifts your bottom up, this helps your legs looks amazing, also over time, they will help reduce cellulite gradually and noticeably. I mean, what more could you want from a pair of tights?

 It doesn’t stop here though; they also have gradual compression which is like a few other products we stock. These are the Charnos firm energising support tights (gradual compression) and Levante Levia compression tights. These types of tights help with DVT whilst you’re wearing them which means they are perfect for things such as long-haul flights and are also ideal if you have a job that requires you to be on your feet a lot of the time for example cabin crew, hairdresser, nurse etc.

Not to get compression and support mixed up though. These are 2 different things that both benefit equally. Compression is where it starts from the ankle and slowly gets less and less compressed the further up the leg, until you reach the top and there is no compression at all, and support is where the tights provide support the whole way up the leg.

Overall these tights are a perfect go to. Very simply designed but with a lot of thought put into them. They are available in the colours Natural and Black, 2 statement colours which will be a perfect addition to any outfit! They are super comfortable and will not dig into your waist whilst you’re wearing them on those long days, don’t worry we all have them…
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