Autumn Beckons And 60, 80 And 100 Denier Tights Are ON

Autumn Beckons And 60, 80 And even 100 Denier Tights Are ON

Snowstorms are predicted by the beast from the east again, can you believe it? I know all you hardy women love showing off your bare legs until the last minute but as man I don’t know how you do it? With the approaching winter, I am even considering buying into 100 denier tights until Spring comes back around.

In years gone by, the on set of darker nights and freezing temperatures used to mean dressing in dark colours and throwing any idea of fashion sense out of the window. Thanks to new ways of dying materials and working more elaborate patterns in wool and Lycra that’s no longer the case.

You can be as much a fashionista when it hits minus five as you are when it’s 90 degrees outside. While the majority of 100 and 80 Denier tights are indeed of a darker colour, there are some truly outlandish colours to choose from this year. Here’s just a few to give you some ideas.

It might not be office etiquette but for those trips to the pub or the final days of the year at university and college you can truly stand apart from the rest. They’re cheap and cheerful and come in three vivid colours of blue, red and green.

The Pretty Legs 80 Denier Coloured Opaque Tights are made from a luxury coloured opaque blend of 90% Nylon and 10% Lycra. Not just any old fabric but 3D Lycra for the ultimate in luxury. Jaws eat your heart out! With a reinforced body and toe, coming gusset free you can take on any manner of footwear without worrying about Holey retribution at the end of the day.

For the office environment, if bright legs are a little against policy, why not opt for some tremendous patterning on your legs with the superior quality of a warn and enveloping striped 60 denier tights. The Cette Georgia tights are striped black and purple and will match any skirt jumper.

Or if you’re really out there, how about these, Leg Avenue Striped Tights
Ok maybe not, we’ll keep these for halloween, but you get the idea.
The only problem with 80 and 100 denier tights is that once you get inside, they can be a bit too warm for comfort. As we run up to Christmas party season, why not select a wonderful pair of Charnos Seasonal Chevron Party Tights
Charnos Chevron Opaque Tights
Seasonal Chevron is the perfect design for those who want a classic design that is also cozy and comfy. These tights go with anything and look great no matter what.
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