Sexy opaque hold ups for the colder months

You may not be unaware that a super-storm is about to hit the UK and the weather is changing. Autumn has officially begun and while the sun might pop out for a day too, the days are getting colder as are the evenings when you leave work. Now is the time to consider sexy opaque hold ups for the colder months ahead.

They are of course not your only choice. You can don a pair of leggings, start wearing trousers and jeans and chuck on those tracksuit bottoms for shopping down the local supermarket. But for the woman who likes to be free, finds comfort in a skirt in all weathers and still prefers to show her legs at work and in the clubs, opaque hold ups hold the answer.

They key to shopping for tights come the shorter months is the guide on denier. This is a measure of the weight and or thickness of the fabrics used to make each pair of tights. Opaque range in thickness from 40 denier to 120 denier. Coming in opaque, thick opaque and mega thick opaque. However each can be a sexy opaque hold up which still shows your leg with a clear and strong outline. Most women don’t want to wrap themselves in blankets the minute the Autumnal weather sets in.

Men don’t quite understand how a woman can wear a skirt come wind or rain and it’s only a freedom a true Scotsman can ever truly acknowledge. At the same time, you also need to feel sexy and plucking for a 100 denier which overs no visible leg is often a statement too far. Which is why during this season, the Levante Suede Matte 50 Denier Hold Ups are our most popular range. They offer the usual comfort and allure you would expect from a Levante opaque hold up but still offers some visibility. With an 89% Polyamide and 11% Lycra mix, your legs are offered a slight dark tone of black or mocha yet the yarn still allows your legs to be seen and the wind kept at bay.

The opaque hold ups are far from bland, they come with racy lace tops and also patterned tops with leopard print in the Leg Avenue Leopard Top Hold Ups or a luxury lace top in the Pretty Legs 80 Denier Luxury Opaque Lace Top Hold Ups. While the 80 denier are more for December and January and offer no visible skin, they are perfect for a snowstorm and made from a mix of 95% Nylon and 5% Lycra.

We beg you not to lose your feminine ways this Autumn and Winter, keep the jeans in the wardrobe and choose that longer skirt instead. Buy a pair of sexy opaque hold ups and show that true British stiff upper lip and get through the colder months looking sexier than ever before!

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