OMG! How to go to the toilet in suspender belts

We’ve all been there. Well I haven’t as I pee up against a wall in the men’s urinals. That aside however, and let’s face it, it is a matter of being aside, women do struggle with suspender belts when it comes to going to the toilet. You may ponder what a man knows about going to the toilet as a female. But unlike rocket science, which is rocket science, dealing with under garments is not.

While many women may struggle alone in coping with their troublesome visits to the toilet, it’s going to take a man to advise how to get it right. If you have ever been caught out and about and been to the toilet in public, it’s pretty easy to go for a number one. Pulling the material aside or dropping your panties to thigh level for a minute or two. However any other official business is a little bit more stressful. Therefore how to go to the toilet in suspender belts with all those straps and taught sides and waistbands? You could train yourself in not going to the toilet often and plan ahead and ensure all official business is taken care of before you adorn your tight fitting under garments. However that’s a bit much to ask when a few glasses of bubbly could see you visit the toilet twice in an hour, every hour on your Wedding Day. Also pulling down your underwear and trying to pull them back up again under the straps and suspender belt will be most awkward. You may well achieve success but it could be limited and in all likelihood your knickers will be uncomfortable underneath and dare I say, twisted. For ladies who make suspender belts a part of their every day fashion, they are probably laughing at the women buying into bridal suspender belts and worrying about the big day. As the answer is relatively simple. If you have the constitution of a King you are exempt so what is the answer to how to go to the toilet in suspender belts? Quite simply, wear them over the top of the suspender belt or at the very least, so called small panties. You may be aghast at such a proposition but ask yourself, unless you are purposely riding our skirt up to your waist while dancing on the ballroom floor, who is going to know your knickers are over your suspender belts? Exactly! Decorum is one thing, going to the toilet another entirely.

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