100 denier tights from Charnos

Have you noticed how the hosiery manufacturers always get their photography and the model’s attire spot on for each of the 100 denier tights, stockings and hold ups that they sell? It’s completely naked and just knickers for the ultra sheer, for sheer it’s a summer dress, for opaque tights it’s a cardigan and low and behold for 200 denier leggings it’s a faux fur coat while carrying a portable electric radiator. For 100 denier tights it’s a clash of, what’s that women’s wool dress called again? Ah yes either a short sleeve sweater dress or in the case of the model featured on the front of the Charnos Tights, a high roll neck cable knit long sleeve 3/4 length jumper dress. Now you now autumn has arrived when she’s wearing one of those! My better half always jokes that I have legs of steel to be wandering around in all weathers in tights. Failing to realise that I am actually donning a pair in the first place. You see many men fail to realise that the material does several jobs. It’s only when you have a kinky night in that they realise how comfortable they actually are! Tee hee… Not only comfortable, supportive and a sexy feeling but depending on the make up of the fabric, surprisingly warm too.

Depending on the outlook for the day, a pair of 100 denier tights from Charnos at the start of Autumn and September may be a little too warm to wear. Yet as the days go on and the wind starts to bite, 50 denier or even 70 denier is simply not enough. Most women are fashion conscious and wearing 100 denier wool tights will not be the first option. But as soon as the long dark wool coat comes out, the knee high boots are zipped up, there’s really only one fabric you want to wear inbetween. Opaque not only for style which allows for a another reason for eyes to remain on your but allowing for a breathable tight that also protects from the wind. If you don’t mind me saying, don’t tights also feel nice when your cross legged on the train or simply rubbing your legs after arriving indoors? Well yes they do.

Get your 100 Denier Tights From Charnos ordered now before the trains, trucks and ships stop delivering due to the weather. One thing is for sure, come rain or snow, nothing will stop you walking around once these are on you.

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