50 denier stockings for Autumn

Have you considered 50 denier stockings for the autumn months? I don’t know what it is about legs and fashion but hosiery can get me in a spin every day of the year. To the average person they are simply a clothing accessory which people pull on in a second and wear. But to the wearer they mean so much more. Do I choose hold ups, tights, stockings or leg warmers? Which colour should I wear? Do they match the shoes, should I wear booties? What about my scarf and hat, will people notice my hat doesn’t match my stockings? I’m crazy right? Of course I am but in the summer months it’s a lot easier to find a fashionable avenue as bare legs and sheer tights suit almost any outfit. However in the Autumn and Winter months, the tones start to get darker and the leg less visible. You are quite correct of course in that I can select a pair of bright pink woollen 120 denier tights but the office manager isn’t going to be helpful upon my arrival for a day’s work. Distracting all those who are watching me instead of their computer. So to dress appropriately for 50 denier stockings in the Autumn is not an easy task. Or is it? Perhaps no one else cares and it’s just me that worries whether my mocha coloured Levante Suede Matte 50 Denier Stockings go with my choice of dress or jacket. The important thing is my legs are warm right? No, now you’re crazy! I have a choice of black or brown, that means I have to select the appropriate shoes, although as October and November arrives that would mean boots. As I have several pairs of Uggs, that’s not a problem, white, no cream, how’s about navy blue, arrrghh, but they all go with black 50 denier stockings but what about the mocha? There is one easier solution, just chuck on a pair of leggings rights? However, to sit all day in the office, I’ll be uncomfortable and wriggling until it’s time to go home. I want to look sexy, I need my legs to circulate, know what I mean? And come December it will be even colder. At IWT we’ve considered that aspect also. Now your only problem is, do you wear suspender belts to keep them up? and will they match?

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