6 Strap Suspender Belts For Additional Security

Choosing a suspender belt to wear is not the easiest of processes. While style, colour, pattern are important, it is the comfort and feel that relaxes and disturbs throughout the day. Especially if you’re not used to wearing one. So would you choose 6 strap suspender belts over those that have 2 straps, 4 or even 14?
If you’re wondering how many straps do suspender belts need? Read on and we’ll help you out further. Straps are there for comfort and also for show  the reason six strap suspender belts can be seen as covering all aspects is they keep intimates in place more efficiently. Secured from three points, side, back and middle.
The straps can also be viewed from all angles if that’s the sole reason for wearing them. When you’re comparing suspender belts it might be an idea to read through descriptions to discern what maybe best for you. The type of strap,the material used on the strap and the fastening, whether it’s flat or bulky and will show through the skirt.
Also how how the material band is around your waist, can you fit a corset comfortably on top and will it match?  Sometimes hosiery manufacturers release matching bra, corset and underwear sets, enabling you to easily create an outfit from one purchase. Much like the Coquette Lace Over Satin Bra, Garterbelt & G-String.
At IWT we have new stock arriving weekly while four strap suspender belts are in the main more popular, it’s the six strap suspender belt that we feel is more encompassing. Tights and hold ups are made to stay up but with a lot of wriggling during the day slips and wrinkles can occur. A firm hold of six straps tend to solve those problems.
The only problem you might find if just entering the market for these belts is getting used to the correct fit. Choosing the wrong size can see a suspender belt move southwards, now unless you’re a fashion queen of the city stock market, you’re not going to want to wear a pair of braces just to keep your suspender belt up. So choose wisely but if there’s a problem we have a helpful returns offer.
Our six strap suspender belts can be as hidden or as visible as you need them to be. There are beautifully designed and strikingly pink Nylon Dreams Vintage Style Polka Dot Girdle that will peak under the skirt with a low finish but more sexy and bum cheeky suspenders with longer straps such as the Vixen Couture Ingrid 6 Strap Deep Lace Suspender Belt. Lace, silk, taught, loose, controlled with built in cincher for waist reduction, we have them all.
Or why not try a girdle for comfort, style and a bit of sass…
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