What denier should stockings be?

Within every industry there is usually a specific materials chart to allow you to understand the processes, weighing, make up and the bi-products produced. Just like computers have Megabyte and Gigabyte, so too tights have Denier and Tex, from 1 to 100 or the later, fractions of but Europe tends to stick with the more traditional Denier scale.

The measure of Denier is really quite simple so don’t be too concerned, we’re not about to run through the conversion formulae on 560 yard hanks based on the Bradford Worsted System. If you have 9000 metres of yarn at market and this gets weighed, the result will be anything from 1 gram upwards.

The lower the Denier number, the more fine and less heavy the material, so if you are buying 1 Denier tights, the equivalent of 9000 metres of the material will weigh 1 gram. 10 Denier, 9000 metres of yarn and 10gms all the way up to 100 and more.

Another aspect of Denier is that the higher the Denier the more stable the component threads will be. The material might be more coarse or thicker and this is very much the case in tights and panty hose. You are more likely to ladder a 10 Denier with your finger nail than you are a pair of Italian made Levante Ultimate 80 denier tights with a yarn make up of 87% nylon, 10% Lycra and 3% cotton.

What Type Of Denier Should Stockings Be?

Yes that’s correct, the Denier does not just apply to a single type of Yarn but the yarn as a finished product before it is woven to manufacture your tights. But this is the tricky part. While 10 Denier may be more opaque, less thick and more certain to ladder at some point, materials at molecular levels behave differently.

Therefore it is possible, now and in the future, that a Denier 10 may not ladder at all thanks to further development of man mad materials. but until that point arrives you can pretty much rely on the knowledge and written scale of the Denier which tends to convert as follows:

  • Ultra Sheer Tights: 10 Denier and below – Heat wave tights, almost invisible and perfect for keeping legs cooler.
  • Sheer Tights: 21 to 40 Denier – Summer tights, more durability and natural look.
  • Semi Opaque: Spring to Summer tights with skin visibility more obvious.
  • Opaque: 41 to 69 Denier – Spring tights and much less skin visibility.
  • Thick Opaque: 70 to 99 Denier – Autumn tights.
  • Mega Thick Opaque: 100 Denier – Winter tights.

All of these yarns can be patterned and decorated and merged with other more stringent fabrics which enable the differences between tights, hold ups and further down the leg, Cuban Heels and Reinforced Toes. Browse our range of Sheer tights right through to the more durable Winter tights and stockings.

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