Why sheer backseam stockings stir up the office

At IWT you get to understand the brutal truth of life in sexy lingerie. We are the Sex In The City of hosiery and bridal wear under garments online. If it’s saucy we’ll be suggestive, if it’s naughty we’ll get you to buy it and if it’s sheer backseam stockings we’ll shout go for it. While men in Italy do wear tights, it’s not something that has caught on Europe wide yet. Despite this, when it comes to lingerie and under garments it is very much still a man’s world. Why this is the case, I will explain. You have a choice when it comes to hosiery, dress for yourself or for others. 

As much as a woman has gained the obvious right to vote, to work and to be an individual in modern times, there is no escaping the fact that hosiery is worn for another person too. Deny it if you wish to, while you may wish to feel sexy yourself. Isn’t there a reason you wish to feel sexy? As the song goes, we are but a bunch of animals on the Discovery Channel. And therein lies the problem. A question that gets asked often is why are sheer backseam stockings considered less functional for the office. Why do company rules state dress codes that ban such provocative garments? While we agree a laissez-faire approach to hosiery should be acceptable anywhere, men also agree… far too much. It has for sometime, been problematic for a company moving out of the sixties and seventies to promote equal opportunity and denounce sexism in the work place. Which is why company handbooks include dress codes and rules of compliance when it comes to staff interaction. That doesn’t mean just because you wear sheer backseam stockings that you’ll date the office manager, it simply means there’s a distinct possibility sexual harassment can be avoided if you don’t. Lessening the attraction between staff is essential to a happy medium and you are after all there to work and not look like the best cream pastry in a patisserie. It’s wrong and at I want tights HQ agree. However when it comes to business and representing a company, allowing your male and possibly female colleagues to undertake their workload without distraction is highly preferred by the management. Hence why many companies ban the wearing of sheer backseam stockings. Just one line down the back of the leg and a room full of office workers turns into misbehaving monkeys at the zoo throwing food and leering at all that walk by.

 Did you know, that during world War II, such was the attracting for beamseam tights, women who couldn’t afford them simply drew a black line down the back of their legs. Be provocative, be sexy just don’t believe it’s not still a man’s world when it comes to company dress codes. Shop Backseam Stockings

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