Freeze Your Tights! Why?

Freeze Tights To Stop Them Laddering course!
In the UK we have what is commonly called an Old Wife’s Tale.
Extraordinary stories that have been pulled apart, warped and put back together so many times that the current story is probably more true than the original. But it isn’t. So what to make of freezing your tights to stop them laddering?
On the way to work last week, I caught an article in one of the free papers that suggested you could prevent laddering by freezing tights before you wear them. Now obviously a frozen pair of tights is not going to ladder but the idea is that once thawed the material strength of the pair of tights will be stronger.
Is there a scientific basis to this story I pondered. We consulted a few nerdy websites to see if the question had been asked previously, it had but with many egg heads perplexed. One reply did shine through however. They suggested that Nylon does indeed get stronger when applied or immersed in water. Though similarly confused as to what the freezing had to do with it.
It’s true of many fabrics that the more dry it gets the less subtle it will be and over time will rip. It’s why we treat leather shoes and sofas, use waxes, fabric treatments and so on. In fact we searched many more websites and forums and found those who have frozen tights agreeing that their tights seemed to ladder less.
Which begs the question, why doesn’t Iceland sell Frozen tights to become market leaders in Tights on the high street? Perhaps Asda could pop a frozen pair of tights in with your frozen steaks and frozen chicken for Christmas. Or do a special offer of free frozen tights with every 2000ml of ice cream bought.
Rather than department stores installing refrigerated aisles in the middle of an Hosiery department, I think for now hosiery manufactures are going to stick to oily solutions to claim success in the almost ladder free department. And perhaps the reason tights manufacturers don’t market frozen tights is this.
Tights that never ladder, would be like a razor that never goes blunt or a car that never needs new parts. The industry would be reduced to selling graphite type fabrics that never rip, dirty or ladder which would probably put us out of business too. It’s great that tights ladder less that indicates a good quality product and until someone does a real scientific study, why not chuck your tights in the freezer, just ensure they’re thawed properly if they’reĀ sheer to waist tights.
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