A guide to wearing fashionable tights

One of the many benefits of wearing tights is that it can instantly give a stylish, chic or funky vibe to any dress. Tights do not only keep us warm, but they can also give a flattening shape to the legs.  It is no wonder that most renowned celebs are usually spotted wearing fashionable tights.

Tights may give a sophisticated look when worn along with knee-length or mini dresses and polished shoes. From simple textures to bright and bold shades, there is a wide variety of tights available. Before wearing tights, you may want to keep these fashion rules in mind:

  1. Avoid showcasing your toes

During cold season, when wearing tights with a stylish dress, it is suitable to wear closed-toe shoes or boots. With closed shoes or boots, women can wear any type of tights.  While this rule can be broken and women may wear open-toed shoes, however, it would be appropriate if they wear simple or light coloured tights with open-toed shoes. For example, ballet flats give a classy look to a knee-length floral dress. In the celeb’s world, Gwen Stefani, a renowned singer usually wears vertical striped tights with high heels.

     2. Get that stunning long leg look

Women can make their legs look longer if they wear same colours tights and shoes. For example, they can wear black tights with black shows. Conversely, women who wear tights with contrasting shoes may be drawing unnecessary attention to their feet and not on their beautiful dresses. If women cannot match their tights with shoes, then they can wear shoes and tights having shades that belong to the same colour family.

    3. Create a flattening look

Women who want to give a flattening look to their legs should wear dark coloured tights. Opaque or dark coloured tights can easily cover all the bumps and lump and give a very slim and sexy look to the legs. Celebs like Beyonce commonly wear opaque tights with high heels on different occasions.


     4. Chose the best colour and design selection

While going to a party or a pub, women can wear bold and bright coloured tights. However, while going to a formal dinner or lunch, it would be better to wear tights having neutral shades or designs. From the celebs world, Taylor Swift wears fabulous tights with her classic dresses. She can serve as a wonderful inspiration to many women who cannot decide which tights to wear for formal occasions.  

     5. Make them stand out

Women who want to wear bright coloured tights should wear simple, light coloured dresses to make their tights stand out. Along with bright tights, women can also wear funky necklaces or classy clutch bags. Amongst the Hollywood celebs, Lady Gaga is the most popular example who frequently wears bright tights with contrasting dresses and looks utterly gorgeous.

There are different types of tights such as footless tights, fishnets, printed tights, colourful tights, etc that women can wear to give a trendy look to their dresses. Now tights are not only worn when the temperature starts to drop, but they can be worn in any season. Women may not only wear these limitless options in parties or pubs but they can also wear them on formal events as well without hesitation.


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