Mock suspender tights that uncomplicate detailed hosiery

Any woman or man for that matter, who has posed the question of How To Go To The Toilet In Suspender Belts are clear on why mock suspender tights may be the favoured option. Thankfully lingerie manufacturers have hit on an exceptional way to get around the problem. Completely do away with the taught straps and embed a design on the tights themselves. This not only reduces the hassle of unclipping a few times a day and meticulously managing your underwear but eradicating the expense and cost of additional under garments too. Understandably there’s a variety of reasons for wearing suspender belts in the first place. Either for comfort, security, the feel or allure. However you can gain most of these aspects from mock suspender tights too.

If the result is characteristically real then these stockings and tights are more than adequate. Without a doubt it is celebrities and the famous like models and film stars that have made mock suspender stockings fashionable. So much so that sales have increased across the board and manufacturers are keep to try out new designs, often with an exceptional passing off. It’s not only suspender belt patterns that are presented but a turn on mock hold ups also. Pretty designs of upper strip block patterning that offer detail mid thigh that makes the viewer believe you are wearing a pair of individual hold ups instead of cheeky bum wrapping tights. Much to a lingerie manufacturer’s dream, they can be much more playful in mock suspender belt design that they would when having to design individual straps. Back seams, bows, straps, buckles, laced uppers can all be printed on the fabric instead of being fashioned from other materials. At IWT we offer several mock suspender tights from a range of well known lingerie experts. Take these two offerings as an example. The Silky Mock Suspender Tights features stocking effect. Trailing down and visible beneath a short skirt, suspender belt straps are configured and dressed with bows before the lacy hold up style wraps around your thighs. By finishing off with a very sexy backseam, the viewer is led to believe that you are wearing a very complicated taught system when in fact they’re rather inexpensive mock suspender tights. Take a look at the Aristoc Mock Suspenders and equally detailed mock suspender stockings or select mock hold ups that provide the allure of suspender belts without the complication.

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