St Hilds School orders girls to wear black opaque tights

St Hild’s School Orders Girls To Wear Opaque Black Tights
You may have read in the news recently that a primary school in Hartlepool had asked, nay demanded, that girls should wear tights to school and they should be at least 40 denier black opaque tights. Like many schools across the UK, St Hild’s Church of England School has a school uniform and dress code.
The United Kingdom is in a fortunate position where the poverty level is much higher and such requests and uniform codes are the norm, rather than the exception. In many other countries parents simply cannot afford additional clothing for their children so such dress codes are not implemented in society. Even in the work place or clubs.
Some parents disagree that their children should be forced into dressing like ladies at such an early age. It does seem a little ironic that a young female would be forced to wear tights but disallowed the opportunity to wear make up or have the latest hair style.
There is another tangent to remember however. While asking pupils to wear black opaque tights with a skirt may be deemed to be excessive, some may agree that covering a girls legs may restrict unwanted attention. But a women’s rights group, The Fawcett Society, argues that females of any age should be free to decide for themselves.
As a parent, ultimately it will be you that helps forms your child’s early understanding of acceptable dress and compliances with school codes. Historically the UK school approach has been to make all equal. By ensuring pupils all wear similar shoes, jumpers, ties and ban accessories and excessive styling, our children are deemed to be equals.
There is no opportunity for teasing of a child’s background because they  don’t wear the latest trainers, have the most expensive watch or mobile phone. A child is then able to learn as an equal no matter how impoverished their own life is due to their own parent’s social standing.
What price a child being asked to comply to a certain dress code? The freedom of expression is there for all children to enjoy outside of school hours. But while in the classroom, wearing the same dress code, as long as affordable to all enables a child to focus on what is important and receiving an education without prejudice.
How do you feel about the matter? We sell black opaque tights from just a few quid, Is it really too much to ask for all children to be treated equal and in the Winter time, I’m sure many girls would prefer to be shielded from the wind.
Quite, I’d like to go back in time and not have to wear that stupid purple pullover but it didn’t stop me being an opinionated school boy express my own thoughts continually. In fact, being dressed in the same clobber as all the rest, probably enabled my views to be heard just as much as another child. As a boy, I wasn’t forced to wear black opaque tights however.
For Adults though, we have a vast array of tights on offer
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