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How many straps does my suspender belt need?

However I am pretty much grateful that my knickers can’t be heard constantly asking where my stockings might be going every few minutes in the day. I labour this conversation well because that’s the whole point of suspender belts. To ensure those tights don’t go anywhere. A query many women ask during their periods of grandeur – of which I hope you have many – is how many straps do my suspender belts need? Or rather how many straps should suspender belts have? There is no real standard answer to this question, because each of our bodies are a different shape. The straps also provide a different level of security and comfort to each of us. And if I may be so bold, a different turn on too. Whether it’s the amount of visible straps or the hold they have when closely hugging our skin and under garments, keeping everything tight and in place, there is a sensual side to suspender belt straps too.
This question can also have a very elaborate answer. From “are the straps adjustable?” and “are the tights you are wearing too short?” and “why does my belt keep getting pulled down?” but we simply wish to deal with 4 straps6 straps8 straps and yes even 14 strap suspender belts. Why would you choose 4 over 6 or 14 instead of 8? It comes down to many different reasons. How the straps feel when you’re sat down, how your tights look once strapped – are they still straight, would they benefit from being held by a 6 strap suspender belt rather than just four? Would the backseam be straighter? Choosing eight strap suspender belts can merely be a comfort choice rather than any necessity to keep the tights up more safely and securely. Or to keep a backseam straight… and as any women who has been around tights and suspender belts long enough knows, it’s the footwear that deal with the other end. Success with hosiery is never as easy as just pulling them on. If you’re tall and your tights are too, four straps might suffice, if you’re a little shorter 6 strap suspender belts hold tights up well. 14 strap suspender belts could be considered overkill but if you like the design and the feel then we have them in stock too. The most important aspect is to wear as many suspender belt straps as you feel comfortable with and for your own reasons, not somebody elses.
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