Can you wear Sheer Backseam Tights Anywhere?

What a palava it is to just get dressed in the morning. Heels or flats, sheer back seam tights or nude hosiery, wear black, light black or dark browny to the office, really, what an hassle to be a woman and to look tremendous of a morning. I mean, you look fabulous but society expects.

Come on ladies, be honest, how far ahead do you prepare your outfits? Of course it depends on the size of your wardrobe and whether you have duplicates of your favourites. One question that my missus asks is, “do you think these tights look ok for the office?” I don’t really care, but anything that makes her understated is always good in my book.

However that doesn’t wash with you girlies does it? You have to be dressed to the nines to feel good in a work place environment. But can you wear sheer tights with backseams absolutely anywhere you go? The answer is yes. Thought your office dress code may be erring on the side of caution a little.

Like most things in fashion, certain items or products never really went away but when we think of backseams they tend to take us back to the sixties and seventies for some reason. When they were all the rage. Well seemingly, sheer backseam tights are back. Typically offering a matt leg finish they work with most outfits.

We particularly like a brand new design and the Pamela Mann Vintage Jive Seamed Tights, they’re not as raunchy as other backseams might be. Instead a flat seam with a small width offering your legs a little bit of colour and protection.

With Spring on its way, you can begin to shake off those 60 denier tights and flaunt your legs a bit more, enjoying the refreshing elements while completing your sexy look. Now the question of whether backseam sheer tights can be worn anywhere, well not always if considering one of our more outrageous, out there hosiery lines.

Stunning Linette – By Gariella

The Gabriella Linette 20 Denier Backseam Tights are straight off the cat walk and the material is a blend of 85% Polyamide and 15% Elastane providing an sheer opaque look. the knitted backseam is bold. Can you wear the sheer backseam tights to work? If you run the company, of course you can! See, always good to be positive!

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