Say No to no tights in November

Say NO To No Tights November.
Reading Vogue magazine, as you do, we hit upon an article by Rachel Waldman that was a little worrying when browsing headlines. No Tights November it declared. Thankfully after reading the entire article, it wasn’t suggesting a Movember movement but I think it’s still worthwhile getting in early with a response.
Now despite everyone initially thinking America has a warm climate for long periods of the year, New York is not Florida. In fact there are a lot more windy cities in the United States than there are sunny states. And while the UK and Europe may have been a little warmer than usual this time of year, most of America and this continent is on its way to the big freeze.
A decade or so ago, it was a small group of people that suggested growing a moustache for the month of November would be a good idea. To support charity and grow awareness of men’s health. Over a decade later and Movember is well supported. Could Vogue be about to set a trend for No Tights November?
As a male I think it might be fun to do a No Delicates December, let’s all go commando in the middle of the Winter. Why ever not? Getting chilly just thinking about it are we Ms Waldman? We think the same of No Knickers November as much as we do No Tights November.
As a retailer of the finest tights in the world for every occasion, I think you should make an excuse to wear tights whatever the weather. But at the same time, we find ourselves agreeable in that a women’s bare legs should be on show for as long as is possible but perhaps we’re forgetting the upside of tights?
After all, we sell bare leg tights… They offer protection, provide comfort, offer seclusion when you can’t be bothered to rid yourself of Sasquatch growth and keep your legs cool, warm, smooth and lubricated. No tights November? How’s about New Tights November?
The hosiery industry spends an absolute shed load of money in creating new designs and inspirational ways to dress your legs. often you can’t even tell the difference between bare legs or bare leg tights. And while the debate goes on, you’re keeping your legs looking tanned, kept smooth and in comfort while the person opposite on the train tries to figure that out. So we say NO to No Tights November and declare instead New Tights November.
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